Die Familie von Shira Havron (16x9) | Porträt von Shira Havron (1x1) © Frederic Mathot

"Lives have no price." - Hostages in Gaza

Der zweite Gedanke · 16.11.2023 · 41 Min.
Die Familie von Shira Havron (16x9) | Porträt von Shira Havron (1x1) © Frederic Mathot

Shira Havron about her "Family that has been shattered" --- Interview with Natascha Freundel --- English original version without dubbing --- This is not a debate – it‘s a story. The story of a large family from Kibbuz Be'eri in southern Israel, a family which received a new title since October 7, 2023: "The family that has been shattered." - Film student Shira Havron was traveling in London when her entire paternal family in Kibbuz Be'eri was attacked by Hamas terrorists: Uncles, aunts, their children and grandchildren. Their houses were burned down. Days later four relatives were declared dead. Seven relatives are presumed to be held in captivity in the Gaza Strip - including three-year-old Yahel. Shira Havron tells her story. About her grandparents, who founded Kibbuz Be'eri; about her relatives, who were and are peace activists. About the source of strength in this family. And of adhering to their values: "The most important value you can support is human rights, humanity and peace.“ Since October 7, Shira Havron has been fighting for the return of her relatives and all hostages in the Gaza-Strip: from meeting EU representatives in Brussels, to demonstrations in Israel, and meetings with politicians in Germany. It‘s a fight for humanity in dark times, too. --- [UPDATE] After many hours of delay by Hamas all children and women hostages in Shira Havron‘s family have been released from captivity Nov 25, 2023, in the second group of the exchange of Israeli hostages and Palestinian prisoners: Yahel Gani Shoham (3), Naveh Shoham (8), Adi Shoham (38), Noam Avigdori (12), Sharon Avigdori (52), Shoshan Haran (67). Tal Shoham, father of Yahel and Naveh, is still in captivity of Hamas in the Gaza Strip. --- Shira Havron, born 1996 in Tel Aviv, is a film student at Tel Aviv University. She is currently working on the editing of two short films, one of them was shot in kibbutz Be’eri on September 2022. She holds a a dual Israeli-German citizenship. --- More information on www.rbbkultur.de/derzweitegedanke. --- You can write us to derzweitegedanke@rbbkultur.de.